Recent Sales

Jeanne Bishop's BUD AND BILL: TERRORISM, TRAGEDY, AND TWO FATHERS' UNLIKELY FRIENDSHIP, Poised to come out on the 25th anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing (April 19, 2020), the author tells the astonishing and uplifting story of two men on opposite sides of that tragedy who redeem it by becoming friends: Bud Welch, the father of 23-year-old Julie Marie Welch, who died in the bombing, and Bill McVeigh, the father of her killer, Timothy McVeigh, to Zondervan

Co-author of SLOW CHURCH John Pattison's REPORTS OF THE CHURCH'S DEATH HAVE BEEN GREATLY EXAGGERATED, In which the author offers a story of hope, a complex counter-narrative to the simpler but less true story of the “Death of the Church" that is increasingly being reported these days, to Tyndale House.

Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove's A MORAL REVOLUTION OF VALUES: THE BIBLE, THE POOR, AND GOD'S VISION FOR OUR COMMON LIFE, In which the author begins with the lived experience of poor and impacted people and then outlines a revolution of values in the public square that offers both an understanding of how we got here and a faith-rooted hope for our shared future, to InterVarsity Press

Professor of theology and religion Sharon Baker's A THEOLOGY OF NON-VIOLENCE, offering readers a vision of a God whose justice and mercy are not held in polarity, but a God whose aim for all creation is to love, redeem, and restore, not only in a non-violent way, but as an act against violence and the cycles of abuse and oppression it brings about, to Augsburg Fortress Press.

Popular author Matthew Paul Turner's next two children's books: THE COLORS OF CHRISTMAS, and THE COLORS OF EASTER, to Convergent.